What is UPJAO?

With the mission to empower each node of the Agri-commodity supply chain to automate the quality assessment through our artificial intelligence and IoT-based digital platform, UpJao is bringing fair payment systems for the farmers and transforming the quality control processes for the institutional buyers.

With UpJao’s quality assessment platform, now organizations can assess the quality seamlessly in real-time and analyze the value chain flow centrally to deliver the best quality output.

Why Digi Agri

Why US?

Considering the vast and complex nature of the Agri commodity supply chain, we are working on low-cost, easy-to-use, accurate, robust, and portable machines that can deliver the most comprehensive results quickly.

The assessed quality can be securely kept on our platform to enable the digitization of commodity quality across the supply chain. The secondary insights extracted through quality analytics can be used by the stakeholders to get 100% visibility and optimize the processes & operations.

What makes us better?

With our extensive experience in computer vision, we are employing AI and IoT to analyze the grain at its finest level to give a 360° picture to the analyzer in the quickest and easiest way possible. Our equal attention and voracious learning attitude towards agri-sciences sets new benchmarks for our product developers. With the utmost focus on extracting the most relevant information for our customers through quality assessment, we keep the highest level of engagement with all the stakeholders.

We are backed by the prominent existing players in the ecosystem to bring 100% transparency. The technology is developed keeping marginal farmers and food-chain consumers in focus so that weaker parties don't get exploited in quality assessment during transactions and consumers taste the best quality food. With the generous support of our backers, we are making our presence felt in 50,000 villages of India.

Why Digi Agri


Quantify the quality of Agri commodities at each node in the supply chain.


  • Empower each node of the Agri-commodity supply chain to automate the quality assessment
  • To restore and upgrade the quality of the products.
  • To combine quality crops with precise pricing and provide the best insurance value for producers and consumers.
  • To provide low-cost and easy-to-use methods for quality checks of grains.

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