Position: Team Leader (Computer vision)  


Build and mentor the computer vision team
Own the design, development, testing, deployment, and craftsmanship of the team’s infrastructure and systems capable of handling massive amounts of requests with high reliability and scalability
Leverage the deep and broad technical expertise to mentor engineers and provide leadership on resolving complex technology issues
Entrepreneurial and out-of-box thinking essential for a technology startup
Guide the team for unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability

In-depth understanding of image processing algorithms, pattern recognition methods, and rule-based classifiers
Experience in feature extraction, object recognition and tracking, image registration, noise reduction, image calibration, and correction
Ability to understand, optimize and debug imaging algorithms
Understating and experience in openCV library
Fundamental understanding of mathematical techniques involved in ML and DL schemas (Instance-based methods, Boosting methods, PGM, Neural Networks etc.)
Thorough understanding of state-of-the-art DL concepts (Sequence modeling, Attention, Convolution etc.) along with knack to imagine new schemas that work for the given data.
Understanding of engineering principles and a clear understanding of data structures and algorithms
Experience in writing production level codes using either C++ or Java
Experience with technologies/libraries such as python pandas, numpy, scipy
Experience with tensorflow and scikit.

Desired Skills and Experience
Algorithms, C++/Java, debugging, performance optimization on low-end processors, data structures

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