Simple and Cost-effective
Quality Automation of Agri-commodities

Owing to inconsistencies in the grading of agri-commodities at source due to human subjectivity, purchasers often struggle to achieve higher quality standards.

At upjao, our vision is to quantify the quality of agri-commodities at each node in the supply chain.

Our mission:

  • Empower each node of the Agri-commodity supply chain to automate the quality assessment
  • To restore and upgrade the quality of the products.
  • To combine quality crops with precise pricing and provide the best insurance value for producers and consumers.
  • To provide low-cost and easy-to-use methods for quality checks of grains

together, we can uplift agriculture ecosystem

We endeavor to plug the gaps and offer a radical new alternative to agri-commodities' quality assessment. Our efforts in technology development are focused to help the brands to cater to the quality output to their customers.

Considering the vast and complex nature of the Agri commodity supply chain, we are working on low-cost, easy-to-use, accurate, robust, and portable machines powered through smartphone that can deliver the most comprehensive results in single click of button within fraction of seconds.

At core, Upjao provides real-time and continuous quality traceability throughout the supply chain in a simple, unbiased, centralized, and cost-effective manner for institutional buyers with 100% transparency without human intervention.

With the generous support of our backers, we are making our presence felt in 50,000 villages of India.

Upjao's patent pending technology has the ability to transform the agri-supply chain through easy integration.

Standardize the quality control processes
Get the finest, in-depth and comprehensive analysis
Reduction in fraud & exploitation
Get quality linked pricing
Increasing bargaining power
Don’t let low-quality commodities enter your premises
Automate the quality control processes through AI
Get the easy, faster, and accurate quality assessment


If you wish to play a role in empowering our nation's agri-commodity supply chain, please complete the form below, send us an e-mail, or give us a good old-fashioned phone call.

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